October 19, 2019

Community & Ladies Auxiliary

We are  located at Building 72 at the CQ University  Yaamba Rd Rockhampton offering a wide range of activities for our members.

The Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. executive members were treated to a morning tea on the by the Ladies of the Quilting & Sewing Group  and were surprised by a donation from them to assist with the building of  their proposed new facilities at the North Rockhampton Campus of the CQ University.

The donation was gratefully received by the Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. that will be put to good use in building their new facilities


The President of The Rockhampton Men’s Shed gratefully accept the kind donation from the ladies of the Quilting & Sewing Group that will go towards the building of the new facilities of our Men’s Shed

What hours does the shed operate?

Monday to Thursday  8.30am till 12.30pm Closed  Fridays  these hours are a guide as the shed may be open if the members decide to extend the day as they see fit.

Artists at work

Viking Boat by Marion 9/2/2019
The Pharaoh

Some the Ceramics made by our Ladies Auxiliary

Some of the images the Ladies Auxiliary will use to make Tile Coasters and Cups that are waterproof and heat proof we are doing for the CQ University