November 13, 2019

Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc.

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Rockhampton Men’s Shed is trying to build 3 new state-of-the art buildings, which will house an arts and crafts centre, wood and metal workshops, a gym and a recreation hall. Initially, we have a shortfall of $40,000 to complete the first stage of establishing the New Rockhampton Men’s Shed premise


The Land has been finally cleared of the trees

This is the land that we will build our new sheds on to house our many new and old projects into the future.

Land Before Removing Trees


We are underway, we have now cleared the underbrush from our land to allow us to start our soil testing. 

Please note that due to a surge in membership and our limited space we have regretfully had to put a cap on membership to make sure that our members are working in safe conditions. .

We will then be able to start working towards new members that have the appropriate skill levels required and also assisting those less fortunate to help them in their quest for help.

We are at present endeavoring to work towards building additional space. The sooner we are able to build these buildings the sooner we will be able to take on more people who need help

If you can assist us to move the building of these sheds along contact us and put something back into your community.

You could be a financier, banker or businessman or a tradie, such as a plumber, electrician carpenter, earthmover or just someone who wants to help us create something great for the greater Rockhampton Community, please contact us via the contact page on this website.

 Below are the plans for the new sheds

*Mock up of the front of the New Buildings Location and draft floor plans for the “NEW Rockhampton Men’s Shed.”



Rockhampton Men’s Shed Takes Safety Seriously

The Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. View on Safety (RMS): The Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc., is a community organisation to assist men who have certain particular skills in Wood (Carpentry), Metal; An Arts and Craft work, and to provide those skills to the community – while the group focuses on retired Men, the organisation, however, accepts all ages of people.

In the Men’s Shed environment, we recognise the above Health & Safety trap. Members of the Australian Men’s Shed Association have a DUTY OF CARE to themselves, their Shed colleagues, family members and visitors to operate safely so that afterwards we can return home to our loved ones unharmed. Mates don’t like to see each other get hurt.

Responsibility for Shed Safety is everyone’s business because safe operating is essential to everything we do. The Committee or authorised persons who establish and oversee Men’s Shed operations and the members that supervise activities, have a key role in requiring that safe practices are followed.

Members who use the Men’s Shed facilities have a corresponding duty to comply with safe practices and adjust any unsafe practices accordingly.

The Future in Safety:

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In August of this year at the BBQ event convention; the Rockhampton Men’s Shed showcased the New Bench saw tecnologogy that stops at 5 mili-seconds upon touching flesh. This new safety mechanism paves the way in future safety.

the future in safety