December 3, 2021

Message from the Sec/Treasurer

Hi Everyone,

The third shed has been marked out for the concrete slab to go down next week (late in the week). Now we can actually see how much room is left in the front of the land for parking.

In the meantime the kit is due to arrive round the 15th November and should be up by the end of November.

The fitout is progressing slowly and our Ladies Auxiliary is beginning to move their materials and other bits and pieces into the allotted area in Shed 2.

As usual money is short, but we (our members) are very proud that we could finance the sewerage and water connections ourselves – this we never thought was possible due to the quotes received from tradespeople within our Community. We (our members) have saved heaps through the generosity and support of a lot of businesses again within our Community. You know who you are and you also know how grateful we are to you all.

In amongst all of this going on , we had some unwelcome visitors who decided that they would break into our shed and relieve us of some equipment . Hoever, they were seen by the maintainence guys of CQU and we recovered our possessions with little damage. Our thanks go to these guys for a job well done. The police came and took some fingerprints, but one has to wonder why these young people get up to such antics. If we (the members) were asked what their punishjment would be – my guess would be that they could help us within the shed with the move for at least 7 days – even then I don’t think they would learn any lessons from this – being not to touch other people’s things.

“Til next time

Marion Lawler