January 22, 2021

The Carrot & Stick approach

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Information on the Carrot & Stick opening of the Shed

We had occasion today (20/5/2020) to contact Qld Health regarding our sheds position with the situation with Convid 19 and it’s effect on the possible re-opening of our shed.

We have been advised ( because most of us are in the vulnerable age group) firstly to tell our members that they should visit one of the Fever Clinic Sites at the Base Hospital or the site at CQ University which is situated at the Allied Health Building for a Convid19 test. You will require to book into the clinic to by ringing Rockhampton Hospital on 49205800 to book for CQ University site or Rockhampton Hospital site. These tests can take up to 48hrs for the results and you will be advised who to contact for the test results at the Fever Clinic.

The Fever Clinic  will require your personal details to book you in so they can have your paperwork etc. ready when you arrive.

It is advisable to do this prior to attending the shed when it does open to protect yourself and your other fellow members from Convid 19. ealth regarding the situation with our men’s shed and Convd19

It is hoped that we will be able to look at re-opening the shed approximately Mid-July at this point. This is subject to no more Covid 19 outbreaks starting up.

Or you can contact Qld health on 13432584 for any general information.

We have after a great deal of negotiation in early May with Council, AMSA, The Convid 19 Help Line, The Police Service, CQ University & Others we were able to get approval for two of our members to build the ramps, Chair Raisers etc.. because they were deemed essential. Our Thanks go out to those guys who have been rotating the time around so they were working in pairs.as the stipulation was that only two persons were to be in the shed at any one time and they must practice social distancing.

Our thanks go to those members who were able to participate in the essential service that the Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc. were able to provide to those members of the Rockhampton and Districts Community who are less fortunate than ourselves. Giving to your Community is the most important thing you can do for them as they give back to you in other ways.

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