September 17, 2019

Sponsors & Supporters

On this page we hope to highlight and showcase many of the outstanding corporate and small businesses that openly and proudly support the Rockhampton Men’s Shed whether in the form of large donations, grants and/or in kind services, while we’re trying to erect our new State-of-the-Art Rockhampton Men’s Shed…

Some of Our Sponsors and Supporters include:


McMurtrie assisted us with the first of the ground surveying.


Iwasaki have assisted us by supplying the funding for our first building


Masters assisted us with the Surveying of our block of land


Depco were one of our first to come on board as a Sponsor & Supporter


Auswide Bank is a preferred Bank of the Rockhampton Men’s Shed


Energy Super are a Major Shirt Sponsor of The Rockhampton Men’s Shed Inc.