September 17, 2019


Our services are varied; from our community organisation skills involving manual trade predominantly wood work to customer services, this includes:

  • Carpentry: This involves in implementing trade and construction tasks for eternal and outside commissions, and also for other clubs and organisations.
  • Arts and Crafts: is described once as a movement that started in the European and American design during the late 19th and early 20th centuries promoting handcraftsmanship over industrial mass production
  • Work for the Dole: Involves implementing information technology tasks in corporation with Jobactive government organisation.

Carpentry: can be defined as the art of working with timber in order to construct and maintain buildings, furniture, and other objects. Their are many types of Carpentry, the Rocky Men’s Shed main focus would be furniture making or cabinet making, which will be summed as Woodworking.

The comparison between Carpentry and Woodworking is essential, here are some difference.

  • Carvers – Carvers typically work in free-standing forms in addition to working on flat surfaces. They are artists, and woodworking is their medium.
  • Framers – Framers aren’t typically considered artists, as their function lies in building the roof, floors, and/or walls of a structure. There isn’t too much room for creative license when it comes to the structural integrity of a home.
  • Luthiers – Luthiers make musical instruments from wood. That’s neat.
  • Furniture makers – This could be you! That is, if you feel like taking our Introduction to Furniture Making Class. More to the point, furniture makers are sometimes included in the cabinet-making category. This can include rocking chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, etc.
  • Turners – Turners are a specialized group of woodworkers who are adept in working on the lathe. They make bowls, dishes, and all sorts of turned items.
  • Whittlers – These are folks, usually amateurs or hobbyists, who chip carve small objects out of wood. The very best can make impressive objects, among which are chains, book rests, containers, and all kinds of little trinkets.

At the end of the day, here’s what you need to remember: carpenters fit floors, staircases, fix window frames, and install shelving, cupboards, and the like. Joiners can build stairs on site, but typically make doors, window frames, and unfitted furniture in their own shop as opposed to on site.

The pictures on the left are some images of past commissions – it outlines some of the various skills Rockhampton Men’s Shed can accommodate. The wooden Coffee Table for example was sold to a happy customer.

If any of these designs catch your eye; Rocky Men’s Shed are more than willing to make these orders for you.

The wooden Ramp spanning three meters long was a commission work that Rocky Men’s Shed was happy to make construct.

Arts and Crafts: there are two specific arts and craft work being done at the Rockhampton Men’s Shed. Pyrography and Ceramic Ornament making.

  • Ceramics: Ceramics are those things made from materials, which are permanently changed when heated. Changes are on the molecular level, which also changes the physical characteristics of the object. Here’s where it gets a little tricky as ‘all clay is a ceramic material, but there are other ceramic materials as well’. Some elements such as carbon or silicon could be considered as a ceramic (ceramics are always non-metallic materials). But we’re here to talk about clay and in the traditional sense, ceramic raw materials include minerals such as kaolinite (sometimes known as china clay).
  • Pyrography: is the burning of sketches or drawings into wood. Colour is sometimes added with oil pencils after the burning is complete, but it is normally kept to a minimum. Although some skill is required, good work on pieces is mostly gained through practice and one will learn their own style and best ways to get the results they desire.

Pyrography: Rockhampton Men’s Shed member Paul Percival is the Rocky Men’s Sheds own Pyrograph illustrator; below are some of his works.